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Do you have a used left hand drive Lexus for sale that you want to be sold as soon as possible but don’t know how to approach potential buyers? Is the process of haggling for price in sale negotiations something you’d prefer to avoid? Are you looking for an easy and lucrative sell on your endeared old and used car? Well, look no further. With I Want Your LHD, the world is your oyster. Selling your LHD Lexus is no biggie for us. We take the car from you and sell it to our potential customers easily and conveniently. We are highly skilled in procurement and selling. Moreover, we have positioned ourselves in the market so that our pool of potential buyers stays committed to buying LHD vehicles exclusively from us. So what are you waiting for?

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I Want Your LHD: Making Selling Your Cars Easier

Whether you have the luxurious LHD used Lexus RX 450h for sale UK, or you have the vintage left hand drive Lexus LS 400 for sale, we take all the Lexus models. Moreover, apart from Lexus, we also buy cars from other companies, such as Chrysler, Toyota, Mercedes etc. Whatever you have, we procure at a reasonable price point. Our team of evaluators and specialists make a thoroughly adequate assessment of your vehicle and provides you with a free quote that you get to go with or reject. Our quotations are free of cost. Also, we accept your vehicle in whatever condition you have. Whether the mileage on your car is hefty or light, your upholstery is new or faded in, your engine runs smoothly or has some hiccups in between, we accept all vehicles in any condition and make a fair judgment on the price we offer to our esteemed customers.

Start by filling out our online form that you can get from our website. Enter all the pertinent details related to your vehicle and provide us with your particulars, including your contact details and mailing address. Make sure your mailing address is the one where you want us to make our visit to acquire the car once all things are set in place. Your form will be reviewed by our team of diligent and experienced professionals who care deeply about their work and will evaluate your particulars with the ultimate focus of finding a right price match that fits our expectations.

Once you have pressed the submit button on our online application form, our team of professional evaluators is sent a copy for review. The evaluation team observes the details in your form and identifies potential opportunities in the data and information provided. They are skilled and adept at making reasonable and fair adjustments to the free price quotations after they completely evaluate the information sent by you. Moreover, if required, they will schedule a visit to inspect the vehicle and make final adjustments to the free price quote, after which they will communicate the quote to you.

Now the ball is in your court. You can decide to accept or reject the free quotation by our evaluation team as it is your right as the sole owner of your LHD Lexus for sale. We will take any decision that you make at this stage. If, however, you are inclined to accept our price quotation as reasonable and market competitive, then you need to communicate your decision by calling on our helpline. Thereafter, our collection team will receive instructions to collect your owned car from you along with the registration documents and file for the transferring process with relevant authorities. After completing the transfer process, you will officially be done with the entire process. The next stage of experienced selling is where our reputed sales team comes in.

So you are clear with the process. You have your money, and you’ve given us complete control and autonomy of your vehicle. Now you relax, and we work. Our brilliant and hard-working sales team is now in the figurative driver’s seat. They will pitch your vehicle to our pool of LHD buyers and enthusiasts to pick up your car without the haggling and the bickering in negotiations. We at I Want Your LHD are seasoned professionals in the field of selling LHD vehicles and will surely find a nice home for your loved car once we acquire it from you.

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need